Developing Adaptive Reuse Concepts for Berlin’s Iconic Airport

A Landmark Reuse

Landmarked in 2019 and decommissioned 2021, the buildings of the former Tegel Airport are slated to become the new home for Beuth University’s industrial and research park for urban technologies. Before these designations, for over 70 years Berlin Tegel served as the main entry point to Berlin-West for citizens and visitors alike.

A Multi-disciplinary problem solving

Students of architecture, communications design, graphic design, interior design and historic preservation majors reimagine alternative future narratives for the iconic 1970s Berlin landmark.

Envisioned possible adaptive reuses of the airport structure include a climate refugee protection and integration centre, an interdisciplinary museum and laboratory for materials and waste reuse and a food production, distribution and education centre.

Faculty . partners . SUPPORTERS

Pratt School of Architecture. Pratt School of Design. Pratt School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Gisela Baurmann. Jonas Coersmeier. Dr Harriet Harriss. Anita Cooney. Dr Helio Takai. Aedes Network Campus. Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. Universität der Künste Berlin. German Academic Exchange Service.

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